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We will be providing the Hungarian language courses to MSCI from March 2021.

Our mission

 is to make language learning a fun experience for our learners. We integrate a great variety of methods, tools and skills and a huge amount of knowledge, all tailored to your needs and goals, if needed in the form of ONLINE lessons, too. We’re building a lively / thriving / close-knit community of language learners.

About us

  • 3900+ lesson monthly
  • 150+ language teachers
  • 70+ corporate partners
  • 800 m2 training center
  • 460+ happy company
  • 30 years of experience


Your course organizer at Converzum


Dorka Fehér

Your contacts in case of any questions at MSCI

Please kindly be informed of the planned timing of the course organization:

    • Online registration / Placement test – 17-28 February
    • Oral interviews – 1-6 March
    • Creating and finalizing groups and schedules and allocating language mentors – 8-19 March
    • The upcoming semester of 2021 starts on the 22nd March.

Please follow the online registration process detailed below:

    • Complete the online registration form and Hungarian placement test on the link below.
    • If you wish not to share your phone number, please insert six zeros in the box (000000).
    • Please select the time slots when you are available for online lessons and if you have any special requests (e.g. private lessons, learning together w/ a colleague, preferred intensity) please add them to the comment section.
    • If you are a complete beginner, please skip the placement test.
    • If you already speak Hungarian, please choose to fill in the test. Please note that you have 30 minutes for the test (68 questions) and you need to fill it in with no interruption. Please do not use any additional material for completing the test – we need to know what you know at this given moment.
    • Please note that at the end of the test, you will see a result (%), but this is only the written part of the placement test, it will be followed by a spoken part (online or via phone) and your level will be based on the total results.

Registration and placement test

Complete the online registration form and Hungarian placement test on the link below.
Deadline is over. Have you filled in the placement test yet?

The deadline for filling in the placement tests is next Sunday, the 28th February 5 pm. The oral interviews will follow in a previously scheduled time, Dorka Fehér will contact you for scheduling after you filled in the placement test.


That’s what makes us special

»Support »Flexibility
Professional language mentors
Vibrant community
Open, growth mindset
Constant development  »Country-wide network

Important information about the upcoming courses:

    • Courses will be organized based on your preferences and you will be put in groups based on your levels.
    • One course is 60 lessons and you will be able to cover one module during the course. You will get detailed information about what will you cover on your level in the beginning of your course.
    • We will kindly ask you to use your camera and your headset during the lessons and actively participate.
    • You will be asked to do homework regularly. We will be practicing speaking a lot during the lessons, but deepening your grammar knowledge is also very important, because Hungarian is a unique language.
    • We will regularly test your improvement:
      • In a spoken form in every lesson (through games)
      • In a written form approximately every 20 lessons (short test)
      • In a final exam at the end of the 60 lessons (a written test and a short spoken exam, success from 60%)
    • We will kindly ask you not to miss more that 20% of the course.
    • We will kindly ask for your feedback regularly
      • In the beginning of your course, approximately after the first two weeks
      • At the end of each-60 lesson period
      • You can also submit feedback to us at any time through your contacts mentioned below

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