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Do you sometimes feel that studying is a bit of a struggle? Maybe you feel that you are making minimal progress, or you simply lack motivation and have no idea why?
Read our tips on how to overcome these blocks and become fully efficient in your study again.

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Join your course to learn and practise the following:

  • how to strike up a conversation 
  • how to start telling stories effectively 
  • how to engage your listener when telling a story 
  • how to discuss less or more complex dilemmas 
  • how to make your voice heard about important topics and react to what others have to say 
  • how to make arguments confidently in conversation 
  • how to use effective communication strategies to solve problems 

In other words, how to step out of your comfort zone to achieve a level of communication in the target language that is highly rewarding rather than draining and dispiriting.

Topics irrespective of the language proficiency level

  • roleplays for everyday and less usual contexts 
  • common stories told in uncommon ways
  • how it is made – how it works – how we like it
  • live language use by incorporating idioms into our speaking 
  • divisive issues in unifying ways 
  • 21st century ideas and theories about cooperation, performance and growth 

In the course, you will participate in speaking tasks in pairs, give shorter or longer presentations according to your language level, participate in project work, debates, or decision-making processes requiring the use of various facets of oral communication in your course. 

The 10 occasions will provide plenty of opportunity to try yourself at the various communicative situations, develop your confidence, and become inspired for further, independent speaking. 

How much is this for you?

Private tuition:

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2-to-1 classes (two students with a teacher):

16 lessons: 49,000 HUF per person

4-to-1 classes (four students with a teacher)

20 lessons: 29,000 HUF per person

The timing of the lessons is flexible and is based on the students’ request.  

Which type are you?

Juli makes mistakes in speaking

Peti just won’t speak

Rita is falling behind in because her classes in schools have moved online

Trust us, you are not alone. 

There are language students who always seem confident. They are not afraid to make mistakes when speaking and will talk about anything without inhibitions. Others may doubt themselves and are a little reluctant to speak until they are certain that their sentence will be grammatically impeccable. If you belong to this group of learners, our 20-hour speaking course will be your solution. 

A third type of learner is the secondary school student who has little chance to speak in a foreign language because of the distance or hybrid learning they are currently receiving. 

Whichever type you are, one thing is for certain; getting the message across is not the most important challenge. A clear and logical line of thought and its effective expression which is easy to follow holds the key to successful communication. 

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