Cégemre szabva

What is this about?

It is about quality business relationships, professional communication, the possibility for effective cooperation and the level of skill your staff demonstrate when it comes to international communication. Please take a look at our corporate language training portfolio.

We provide the following

  • your colleagues will be immersed in innovative ways of thinking in the course

We establish an attitude to help them become more effective learners by developing a top-down approach in understanding spoken or written texts.

  • excellent language skills

Good language skills help establishing and maintaining personal and business relationships and it will ensure that speakers will not only hear but actively listen to each other.

  • assertiveness

A solid language knowledge equals confidence. Unless you believe in yourself, your professional life will certainly suffer so we offer language development that will ensure your colleagues will have the skill set for natural and confident business communication.

  • business growth

Language learning is an innovative process with us that promotes professional growth, increases team cohesion, which will contribute to the growth of your business.

Exclusive offer

Supervision-based language coaching for those wanting to achieve high.

Cooperation, bespoke language training.


Short trainings

› Business communication

› Presentations that work

› Project meetings, conference calls

› Communication strategies

› Business travel, attend

Tailored courses

We provide bespoke courses whether it is coaching, 1-to-1 or group lessons. Contact us to discuss the skill or specialist language area you need to develop.

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