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Are you preparing for your university entrance exam?
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We are here to help you achieve your goals. For the solid knowledge and complete peace of mind you need to fly through the exam, choose our online preparation courses.

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How can we help you?

With our language mentors experienced in exam preparation and language testing you will acquire the skills key for passing your language exam. The course will involve systematic grammar work, the practice of all the topical vocabulary areas you can expect in the exam, plenty of roleplay activities, situations, dictionary training, and speed-reading techniques. We will show you how to write, what phrases and grammatical structures to use, how to structure your writing and use formal or informal language, and you can learn how – with patience and perseverance – your listening skills will gradually develop. In the lessons, you will deal with short listening tasks, music and videos which will set you on a path for further, independent study at home. Throughout the course, you will receive exam tips and useful advice that you can immediately put to use in the mock exam that is also part of the course. For each language exam, there is a specific syllabus developed so that you will follow a bespoke, targeted learning content to achieve your best and not waste your precious time with anything that you don’t need.

Our online exam-preparation course will help you with

  • how to beat exam stress
  • how to overcome the most frequent challenges
  • what steps to follow when dealing with specific exam tasks

And on top of that

  • you can take a mock exam with us
  • you will receive tips on how to behave, recall your knowledge and improve your memory

All this will help you take your mind off the stress and anxiety we all experience before exams and allows you to focus on the task at hand. Besides our goal to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge for the exam, you will be able to apply the knowledge and skills confidently and keep your calm. You can take several of the exams here in Converzum where the familiar environment will also help you concentrate more easily on the exam and achieve your best.


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Join our preparation courses before you take your test with us and you will achieve success with confidence.