Is your English knowledge enough for a successful TOEFL iBT test?

Some people think their knowledge of English is reflected by the result they achieve at a language exam. Well, it can be true when they are familiar with the types of tasks in the exam, and they have their own strategies to solve those – in other words, they have their routine in performing well.

Without thorough preparation, anyone can face unpleasant surprises at the exam and receive disappointing test results.

Efficient preparation and useful feedback, however, will lead to achieving better results at the exam than relying simply on your knowledge of English.

Who will benefit from the TOEFL iBT preparation pack?

We recommend our TOEFL iBT preparation packs for you

toefl ikonok (250 × 200 képpont)


if you have already reached your targeted level of English


if you wish to authenticate your knowledge with TOEFL iBT accepted worldwide


if you want to spend a maximum of 4 weeks preparing for your exam


if you want to manage your own time while preparing


if immediate and supportive feedback is important for you


if you want to know what to expect at the TOEFL iBT test

What are the benefits of the TOEFL iBT preparation pack?

Our TOEFL iBT preparation packs include

  • tailor-made preparation programs you can complete in your own pace
  • several practice tasks with detailed feedback
  • tasks that you can re-try unlimitidly
  • audio materials you can listen to unlimited times
  • written tasks corrected by live experts
  • grammar reviews with various practice tasks
  • vocabulary building tasks
  • tracking your improvement throughout your practice
  • mock tests completed similarly to exam conditions
  • tracking your improvement through the results of mock tests

What does the TOEFL iBT preparation pack contain?

We recommend the TOEFL iBT preparation pack if you need the exam for your university studies:

  • tailor-made study paths
  • 50 hours of self-study
  • 3 mock tests
  • 15 full practice tests
  • thousands of questions altogether
  • 5 different training modes
  • grammar and vocabulary review sheets

How much does it cost?

The TOEFL iBT self-study preparation now costs you only EUR 49.

Need a teacher to guide you? The TOEFL iBT self-study preparation with 6 x 45 minutes of live consultation now costs you only EUR 149.

How can I get my own TOEFL iBT preparation pack?