Master Class

Become a language teacher! Excellent command of English and ESL teacher certificate in just a few months!

English Master Class

A course combining an intensive language course with a teacher training course, providing an international language teacher certificate for those aspiring to be among the most successful ESL teachers. You may not be aware how great demand language teachers are currently in. Most ESL teachers who are creative, have excellent English and are excited about their job are already fully booked. That is where you come into the picture! If you were to become an English teacher today, you would surely have a job, as well as a very exciting profession

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Might this just be your chance?

If you already speak English at intermediate (CEFR B1) level, and you would like to become a teacher, we have a great proposition for you: 

Come to our intensive Master Class where:

  • you will reach C1 level of English
  • we will prepare you to be able to successfully pass any advanced level language exam
  • you will learn from the best
  • you can get a taste of the most effective and modern teaching methods
  • you can get to know the current teaching trends and digital equipment
  • you can acquire experience in teaching

What should you expect in our Master Class?

  • Communication focused language lessons
  • A structural approach to grammar
  • Intensive vocabulary building
  • Presentations
  • Module closing tests
  • Observing language classes
  • Analyses of language classes
  • Intensive methodology training
  • Micro teaching individually and in pairs
  • Observing teaching practice
  • Teaching practice in pairs
  • Individual teaching practice
  • tanítási gyakorlat látogatása
  • tanítási gyakorlat párban
  • egyéni tanítási gyakorlat

What should you know about the course?

  • It is an intensive course.
  • Start date: the 1st March 2021. 
  • Course days, the times and number of lessons: 
    • The schedule was created to ensure that even people in a full-time position could participate. Classes will take place on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and on one Saturday per month. 
    • Every Monday and Wednesday between 17.00-20.15 (pm) CET.
    • Furthermore, 4 hours a week of project work in pairs or groups: these 4 hours are spent with groups working on their projects therefore the timing of these project meetings is independent from the course dates.
    • Once a month on Saturday between 9am and 16pm CET.
  • The course includes 240 contact hours.  
  • All classes take place on Zoom.

During the Master Class you can also get a taste of

  • course organising
  • language exam organising
  • carrying out language exams
  • the process of placement testing
  • our professional events (conference, workshop, events)


At the end of the course you will be awarded an international TEFL Certificate with the help of which you will be able to teach English in a great number of countries worldwide.


These few months could be the key to your professional success!

  • Be prepared that during this period your whole life will revolve around English.
  • You will realize that teaching is not easy but is definitely a creative and rewarding profession.
  • You will get a chance toget first-hand teaching experience since teaching practice is a vital part of the course.
  • We will prepare you for applying to language schools, demo lessons, what to pay attention to and what to ask in interviews.
  • After our Master Class you will be ready to start a steady career with all the self confidence you need.

All this for how much?

The total course fee is 1590 EUR which includes: 

  • All the course material and coursebook.
  • The international certificate.
  • And the cost of everything you read about above. 

As a certified language teacher, you will be able to earn all that and more back in no time so this could very well be a short term investment.

However, if you are still not convinced that this is an extraordinary offer, consider the fee of TEFL certificate courses in general, which is usually around 1000 EUR. 

Our course also includes a high level language training element, as well as the methodology, which in itself would be quite pricey.