Online Hungarian 20! - Group (Saturday)

This Online Package includes:

  • 20 Online Hungarian lessons with a teacher every Saturday between 17:45-19:15 Central European Time

  • access to 2 Units of our Online Hungarian Video Course

  • an Online Hungarian Language Club event

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Our team will contact you within a business day after your purchase.

130 $


Join a course now online and learn Hungarian in a very effective way!

Our mission is to make language learning a shared fun experience.

Why is it great to learn Hungarian online?

  • Your health is more important than anything; you can study safely in your own home.
  • You can also connect online from all around the world easily. No more traffic jams, no more crowds, you do not lose time while getting to class.
  • Whether you live in Hungary or in any other part of the world, if you want a truly reliable language trainer and real progress you can have them without any compromises.
  • You can decide if you want to study from your study corner, from your sofa or even from your bed.
  • You can save time by studying online; time you can spend with your family, friends and hobbies.
  • You can learn using a modern online platform.
  • You get to know the newest online platforms and materials.
  • Movies, videos, music and online language games will make your learning experience more fun.
  • During your online studies, you will be able to concentrate on communication skills.
  • Because useful knowledge and confidence awaits you, even in online learning.

Is there an online learning platform that you already know and like? Let’s talk about it! Is it Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams? If you choose from our online packages, you can choose your favourite one.

For your online study you only need a few things:

  • min 1 mbps bandwidth Internet
  • headset and mic

Online Hungarian Video Course:

Based on the demand of our students we came up with an Online Hungarian Video Course in 2019, which Includes 10 Units.
You can choose 2  from the following Units:

  • Greetings
  • Meeting, Alphabet, Spelling
  • Numbers
  • At the Café
  • Food, drink
  • Shopping at the Supermaket or Grocery Store
  • My Head Hurts
  • At the Office / Language School
  • The Time
  • Public transport

Online Hungarian Language Club:

A fun online event where you can practice your Hungarian with other students and native speakers.