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Chat with us online!

This course is for you if you don’t have enough opportunities to speak a foreign language at school, if it would be great to do more role plays, if you are shy and afraid to speak, or if you simply want to improve your oral communication skills.

Intensive 2-week language course

If you can devote 2 weeks to language learning, we recommend this course to you. Here you can improve your language skills in an extremely short time. Take your time to brush up your knowledge, learn a new language, or improve your existing language skills!


Do you have difficulties with your homework? Do you need a helping hand? Are you struggling alone with your school tasks? Or are you an adult, but you feel that learning a language is difficult for you? You will get answers to everything in these classes. Language teachers will explain you grammar, revise a lot with you, help with your homework, and make the lesson engaging with role plays.


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