Introductory Online Course to Studies in Hungary




  • Have you been accepted to a Hungarian university?
  • Are you traveling to Hungary to start your new adventure soon?
  • Have you never been there before?
  • Would you like to get acquainted with the culture as well as learn some basic phrases to help you get settled and be more confident about the beginning of your semester?
  • Would it be cool to make some international friends even before you arrive in Hungary in person?

If you answered ‘yes’ to most of the above questions, come and join our online introductory course to studies in Hungary called ‘Get Ready for Hungary’ from the comfort of your own home.

Who are we?

Our school – Converzum-The Language Community – was established in 1991 with the mission to create a supportive community by bringing together language learners and language teaching mentors. Our goal has always been to make language learning a shared and fun experience.We strongly believe that we redefine language learning for those who choose us. We have been teaching Hungarian to foreign students since the very beginning of our story and have taken part in EU and Government projects, where we taught hundreds of students at a time. Many of our students returned for multiple subsequent courses as they were highly satisfied with the education they received from us. We have published our own coursebook for Hungarian as a foreign language, as well as designed various online materials and a Hungarian as a foreign language app to make language learning colorful and more effective.

During these two weeks, you will learn from our experienced language mentors ready to introduce you to the basics of Hungarian language, culture and everyday life.

What Will You Learn with Get Ready for Hungary?

Topics covered:


  • The Hungarian alphabet
  • Useful expressions ( greetings, saying thank you and sorry, asking for help, etc.)
  • Saying hello
  • Countries, nationalities, languages
  • Numbers
  • Money
  • Family
  • Essential shopping vocabulary
  • Essential vocabulary for ordering at a restaurant
  • Basic classroom objects


  • Getting around the city
  • Virtual university tour
  • Hungarian specialities
  • Famous Hungarians
  • International University life in Hungary

What do I Need to Know About the Course?

  • Number of classes: 30 hours
  • Duration: Two weeks
  • Delivered over Zoom
  • Application deadline: 1 September, 15 September, 13 October (c. two weeks before the start of chosen course)
  • Start date: 15-29 September, 29 September – 13 October, 13-27 October
  • Cost: 250 USD
    Visit us upon your arrival and collect your free gift!

Apply now or ask for more information by sending us an email:

Let your adventure begin a little earlier than expected so that you can make the most of it when actually here!