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UniPrep is our 8 months preliminary English language program in Hungary, Budapest.

It is perfect for you if:

🔷 You are thinking of going to a European university (BA or MA) but your English skills need a bit more perfecting.
🔷 You have a specific university in mind, where you would like to study.
🔷 You need help in deciding which university is best suited for you.
🔷 You would like to go to a foreign country and are open to adventures.
🔷 You would like to meet fellow students form many different cultures.
🔷 You are open-minded and motivated.

We help you :

➡ Reach the level of English you need for application to universities,
➡ figure out which university in Hungary or elsewhere in Europe is best suited for you,
➡ with your visa/residence permit,
➡ find accommodation,
➡ get to know the city/country,
➡ get used to your new lifestyle in Budapest,
➡ with your university application process,
➡ be a part of a great team.

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Why come to Budapest, Hungary?

Budapest is not only a historic treasure of Central Europe, but also a metropolis. The wine and cuisine is justifiably world famous, plentiful and inexpensive, there is a huge variety of cultural and popular entertainment, all of which are available on a limited budget.

Travelling within the country is cheap and easily managed and there are a number of interesting places to visit outside the capital. Also, the largely unspoilt countryside provides various outdoor activities (swimming, horse-riding, cycling, hiking, etc.) throughout the seasons.

Apart from its natural and cultural beauty, Hungary is an attractive place for students because of the relatively low cost of living compared to most other EU countries. Tuition fees for universities are also more affordable than institutions of the same prestige and standard elsewhere in the area.

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