Our UniPrep Program has been designed for students who wish to enroll in a university course taught in English in Hungary or elsewhere in Europe and would like to acquire the English language skills required to do so. Our teachers and language mentors will prepare you for the exams both oral and written whilst during the academic year spent with us you will gain fluency in the language by using it on a daily basis with your teachers, peers and people you meet. Soon, speaking English will become second nature to you and you will have no problem succeeding during your university years either.


Our UniPrep course is an 8 month course focusing on the skill set necessary for university application and studies.

The course meets daily for 4 classes of 1.5 hours with breaks between them. Class topics include:

Language Practice – Focusing on writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills for academic purposes. (33% of all your classes)

    • English for Special Purposes/Professional English – Focusing on the vocabulary of a broad range of disciplines (16% of all your classes). Disciplines covered include Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Applied Arts, and Formal sciences. Once you decided on your target university, you can choose the discipline matching its entrance requirements.
    • Homeroom- (8% of all your classes)Focusing on spoken English skills, exam skills, study skills, and cooperation skills such as discussing and solving the daily challenges of living in a foreign country  (8% of all your classes)
    • Hungarian as a Foreign Language (8% of all your classes) Focusing on teaching the basics of Hungary’s native language to make daily life easier in our country.
  • Entrance Exam Subject: (10% of all your classes) Language skills, knowledge and special skills involved in the discipline the student needs for admission to the chosen university.
  • Study Room: Every day following their last class, students have the opportunity to stay in the building and study together with a teacher available in case of questions or need for guidance.

See What UniPrep Could Do For You!

Studying with us opens a world of possibilities! Look through how many Hungarian universities offer English BA or MA courses and choose one you would like us to prepare you for!

Extra-curricular Activities

During the year students can participate in many activities:

    •  university visits
    •  sightseeing,
    • excursions,
    • lectures on different topics,
  • International Dinner and Ball,
  • museum visits,
  • parties etc.
    • Escape rooms
    • Ruin pubs
    • Baths

Facilities and Student Services


Our school cafeteria is open all day offering a selection of snacks and drinks. Cooked meals for a reasonable price can be ordered on the previous day and eaten at the school cafeteria.

Application to Universities – How we help

Besides helping you acquire the skills needed to succeed at an English speaking university course, we also provide practical help in your university application. Our colleagues will help you to prepare your university application documents and give you all the necessary information about the application procedure and about the entrance examination requirements.


Our staff will help you book a temporary accommodation necessary for your visa application and provide you with further help in finding a long term housing solution.